Adaptronic E420c

Feb 15, - 3 min - Uploaded by Adaptronic This video is a brief introduction to setting up VE tuning on the Adaptronic ec ECU - it. Jan 11, - 4 min - Uploaded by Adaptronic - this video is how to set up basic drag style antilag to help with. Adaptronic is the leader in aftermarket ECUs and accessories. We're dedicated to providing you with the most robust and advanced ECU for your Mazda, Toyota  Downloads - About - Products - Adaptronic standalone Mazda.

Adaptronic Installer's Guide - ec 1 of 93 TM. Adaptronic ECU Installer's Manual for ECU model ec version FIRMWARE . Jun 26, Features -Standard ECU features -"3D" Fuel and Ignition maps (as on any sophisticated aftermarket ECU) -Configurable ignition and injection. Adaptronic ed Universal Select ECU. Reference: ed. Condition: New product. Replacing the ec, we launch two new products from the Adaptronic.

Download the installation manual from the Adaptronic website for the ec and read it. Don't just skim over it, I said read it. All of this stuff was new to me so it. Aug 31, Is there a version than v for the ec red top? - Easy starting and continuous pump values have disappeared at closed throttle with v Apr 22, (AdapTronic) The stand alone Adaptronic ec ECU is now on sale for $ Including GST Closed loop ignition, idle, fuel, boost and 2x VVT.

Adaptronic EC Stand Alone ECU. Similar to Megasquirt with many built in features. Extremely popular in Europe and Australia. Many add ons, and plug.

FJ20et running on Adaptronic ec, with no timing scatter at all!! previous microtech had scattered timing of around 5 deg! This ecu runs stable as. Sep 27, Has anyone used the ec with an MSM and had it running correctly? I just bought a MSM and already have the ec from another. May 22, But then i discovered the Adaptronic ec ecu, which from what i have read about it, seems like quite a good computer. This is the website.

I have an Adaptronic ec ECU around and just picked up a Mazdaspeed MSM. Just wondering if anyone has used this ECU in a MSM and if so, how.

Aug 3, New ECU = Adaptronic ec. I have done some heavy reading the last couple of days trying to decide which ECU/EMS to get for the MSM.

Nov 5, ***SOLD*** This Adaptronic ec Plug and Play ECU (for Series 1 RX8) is in perfect working condition and comes with the wire harness to.

Implementation Notes for installing the Adaptronic ec onto the 1UZFE Engine. Test system. The test vehicle was a Toyota Soarer which was originally fitted.

Mar 16, Hey guys, Need to find a map for my adaptronic ec, the motor is a Bigport 4AGE with quad throttles and Coil over plug ignition. Thanks. May 5, Engine Management and Tuning - Using an Adaptronic ec on a turbo b16a1 obd0 engine - I'm trying something new to save me some. Buy Adaptronic ed Basic Select ECU + Long harness at Amazon UK. Free delivery on eligible orders.

Dec 17, ec and Select ECUs (ed, , and the plug-ins) - none required. The Adaptronic ECU should be set to output data at kbaud. Apr 13, ec adaptronic ECU - posted in Parts - For Sale: Im selling the old ECU as im upgrading to the next adaptronic an Ec version. Apr 12, This article is about how to set up auxiliary outputs on Modular ECU. First I'll explain about the types of outputs in terms of hardware.

Jan 22, Does not come with wiring harness but can be purchased from Adaptronic for around $ Pick up in Sydney or postage available. 1 way OEM style plug for triggering and low current outputs. 1 way OEM style plug for analogue and digital inputs. 1 8-pin SIP connector for power and. The Adaptronic ED Basic Select features many advanced functions and is significantly easier to tune versus higher priced engine control units. This ecu.

On Adaptronic's download page you can find the latest versions of Firmware, PC Note that "WARI for Select and Ec" is the software package you need for.

Nov 6, ADAPTRONIC EC ON CAMPRO. All, I believe majority of car enthusiast in malaysia not even heard this aftermarket ecu. Even myself as. ok everyone i have up for sale my adaptronic ec its an ecu so if you want pics ok but i dont see the need it has 3 plugs on it with around an. Aug 20, as the title states i have an adaptronic ec ecu it comes with the loom to suit a bigport ge unknown condish cause i didnt see it working in my.

Where can I do tuning for my adaptronic ecu here in selangor area? Thanx.

This isn't just engine management, this is vehicle management. Welcome to the Adaptronic. Kit contains:1 Adaptronic ec ECU1 Map sensor of choicePlug.

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