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Chuck Norris in The Octagon () The Octagon () Lee Van Cleef in The Octagon () "Octagon," Churck Norris The Octagon () "Octagon," Chuck .

The Octagon is a action film starring Chuck Norris, Karen Carlson and Lee Van Cleef. It was directed by Eric Karson and written by Paul Aaron and Leigh  Plot - Cast - Reception. 7 Dec - 2 min - Uploaded by MrNorrisVideos & - Your #1 source for. 14 Oct - min - Uploaded by SuperSatandevil 3rd The Octagon (Chuck Norris). SuperSatandevil 3rd. Loading Unsubscribe from.

Karate champ Chuck Norris returns for another chop-socky vigilante flick in The Octagon, one of a handful of undistinguished Ninja pictures.

The Octagon () Movie poster by Peter Nielsen. I'm not sure when I first saw this one, but I think it was in my mid-teens. We rented a lot of movies in those.

I'm speaking of the action film, The Octagon. The Octagon was the third starring role for Chuck Norris, preceded by the stupidly named.

1 Apr - 59 min Enjoy The Octagon Full Movie Click Link!!! To WATCH in HD NOW: Shop The Octagon [Blu-ray] []. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Scott James, a veteran martial arts expert, is recruited as the protector of the wealthy and beautiful Justine after she becomes the target of a ninja clan.

- Buy Octagon, the at a low price; free shipping on qualified orders. See reviews The actual title for this film is `The' Octagon () Amazon.

Film Review: THE OCTAGON (, Eric Karson). Stars: 4 of 5. Running Time: minutes. Notable Cast or Crew: Chuck Norris, Lee van. As you no doubt inferred from the title, "The Octagon" is about Chuck Norris saving his friends from terrorist ninjas. What else would you call a. Watch The Octagon movie trailers, exclusive videos, interviews from the cast, movie clips and more at The Octagon () The Octagon - Official Trailer.

The Octagon (). Starring Chuck Norris, Karen Carlson and Lee Van Cleef. It was directed by Eric Karson and written by Paul Aaron and. The Octagon is a well-known Chuck Norris (Breaker Breaker, Return of the Yes , ninjas, in one of the first films of the s to tap into what would go on to be. Plot: Scott James (Chuck Norris), a veteran martial arts expert, is recruited as the protector of the wealthy and beautiful Justine (Karen Carlson).

The Octagon summary of box office results, charts and release information and related links. Product Description. Authentic Original Movie Still: Black & White 8 in x 10 in - Condition: Very. The Octagon (). There's a scene in The Killer Elite, a not-great Sam Peckinpah movie from , where Burt Young, the man who would.

5. The next movie will be. THE OCTAGON () (Boyz). submitted 1 month ago by LightsCameraRegretBruce Springsteen is my. A retired martial arts champion is recruited to kill a gang of terrorists who are about to kill a wealthy woman. He discovers that the leader of the gang is his. Join Gabrus, Rodgers, and Stanger on Patreon to get access to this post and more benefits.

Hey everyone, was sitting in the office bathroom catching up on the forums and saw my name being said a lot, so I figured Id stop by and give.

The Octagon, Directed by Erik Karson. Starring Chuck Norris, Karen Carlson, Lee Van Cleef, Tadashi Yamashita, Richard Norton. Financial analysis of The Octagon () including budget, domestic and international box office gross, DVD and Blu-ray sales reports, total earnings and. The Octagon, Movie, IMDB Octagon - Die Rache der Ninja (Germany); Duelo final (Spain); Octagon - hiljaiset tappajat (Finland); La fureur du juste.

Starring Chuck Norris, Lee Van Cleef, Tadashi Yamashita Fight Choreography by Aaron Norris Directed by Erik Karson The Octagon is a. DVD Review - The Octagon (): When I was around thirteen years old, I was obsessed with two things; Chuck Norris and Ninjas. I liked girls, too, but they still . View LYRICS of the movie The Octagon [] (movie). Click here now and start singing along!.

Aug 14, United States Aug 14, Australia Apr 09, France May 06, Spain Oct 04, All release dates. United States Aug 14, In The Octagon () a martial artist must defeat a plan by ninjas to create a worldwide training camp for terrorists. The Octagon () Soundtrack - Listen Online ☆ Duelo final, La fureur du juste, Octagon - Die Rache der Ninja.

Scott James (Chuck Norris), a veteran martial arts expert, is recruited as the protector of the wealthy and beautiful Justine (Karen Carlson) after she becomes the. Their nemesis comes in the shape of The Octagon, a brutal terrorist organisation with a crack team of Ninja killers at its disposal. Scott later becomes drawn closer to a vicious crime ring known as The Octagon. As he gets closer to the truth, Scott learns that these may be.

The human weapon of mass destruction returns in 's terrorist and ninja- stomping thriller The Octagon. Chucky-Mumbles is back with a.

Between this, Eric Van Lustbader's Ninja novel () and Enter The The Killer Elite had minor ninja characters, The Octagon is arguably the.

"The Octagon" (). From: Oklahoma and the Movies. by Steve Scott. 0 0 2 months ago. 3 Plays 0 Downloads. Like Like. Download Embed. The Octagon. release year: genre: martial arts action viewing setting: home DVD, 7/28/15 and 5/20/13 and 5/2/09 and home VHS, 7/3/04 synopsis: A tough. The Octagon () 's Movies, Tv Series Online, Movie Props, Film. Visit. Discover ideas about 's Movies. The Octagon ().

Put Chuck Norris and an octagon together in one movie and, holy fuck, do you have something that will melt brains while causing your head to. And speaking of that, this week's movie is the Chuck Norris and Lee Van Cleef vehicle, The Octagon, which makes a whole lack of sense, but. The Octagon Authentic Original Movie Still: Black & White This listing is % guaranteed for The Octagon as an original movie poster issued either directly from.

'The Octagon' is a action film released by?, produced by?, directed by Eric Karson, and starring Chuck Norris, Lee Van Cleef, and Art Hindle. Deceased.

Find trailers, reviews, synopsis, awards and cast information for The Octagon ( ) - Eric Karson on AllMovie - Karate champ Chuck Norris returns for another . The Vow. This movie came out just before Valentine's Day and was a surprise box office hit. Simple poster design conveys the romance of the movie. You can. Then you may well like his film The Octagon! Scott James, played by Chuck Norris, is an American Martial Artist who seems to be pretty much unbeatable.

Stream the The What the Hell Are You Watching?! Podcast episode, # - The Octagon (), free & on demand on iHeartRadio. The Octagon on Find trailers, reviews, and all info for The Octagon by Eric Karson. Much karate-based action follows, with plenty Ninjas up trees and that, culminating in a raid on the Ninjas' octagon-shaped headquarters.

As many of you allready know, one of my most sought after grails is the score to the Chuck Norris movie THE OCTAGON. The movie is a.

The Octagon is a action movie directed by Eric Karson starring Chuck Norris as a martial artist Scott James who must stop a group of terrorists trained in . See the full list of The Octagon cast and crew including actors, directors, producers and more. Buy "The Octagon () (DVD) (US Version)" at with Free International Shipping! Here you can find products of Chuck Norris, Lee Van Cleef.

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