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The Tegra Zone app allows you to discover the best enhanced games for your mobile device powered by an NVIDIA® Tegra™ mobile processor. NVIDIA® TegraZone®: Find the best Android games. The new TegraZone app makes it easier than ever before to find games that are optimized for NVIDIA. TegraZone is the place to be for games optimized for With the TegraZone™ app for your NVIDIA® Tegra®-powered phone or tablet, Tegra Developer Zone .

Here are five awesome free console-quality games from Nvidia Tegra Zone. Picking up where I left off with what I do best, I'll be focusing on. Tegra Zone is a free app available on the Android Market that runs on mobile devices running the Android OS. It provides a one-stop. SANTA CLARA, CA -- NVIDIA announced today that the Tegra Zone™ app is now live on the Android Market, providing a one-stop destination.

Explore all the benefits of NVIDIA® Tegra® processors. NVIDIA® Tegra® processor-powered phones, tablets, and Windows RT PCs make it all Tegra Zone.

NVIDIA TegraZone is the official application of Nvidia with which you will be able to find all the games that are optimized and will be able to use the best of the. Nvidia has launched an online version of the Tegra Zone for Tegra processor powered devices. hey guys, how are you?? please, i dont know if anyone knows something about this, but today, i try to open the tegra zone app on my shield TV.

It's the first of March, which in NVIDIA land means no longer just talking about Tegra Zone, but actually activating it and letting users see what.

NVIDIA's Tegra Zone app for Tegra 2 based smartphones and tablets has landed in the Android Market, offering the best of optimized games.

The Tegra Zone app is a carefully curated store selling high-end 3D Android games that require the extra muscle of NVIDIA's Tegra 2 platform. To that end, Nvidia today launched the Tegra Zone. It's not a fully fledged app store of its own, but rather a free app, that simply showcases Tegra 2-optimised. And to that end, NVIDIA this morning has launched Tegra Zone, a portal for finding the latest apps optimized for the new processors. We've.

So RT is for gamers now? Nvidia's Tegra Zone app is now available for Windows RT. It's hardly a surprising move, since Microsoft tapped Nvidia's Tegra.

Specifications and benchmarks of the NVIDIA GeForce Tegra 4 graphics card However, due to the very good gaming support (Tegra Zone), the Tegra 4 SoC.

Nvidia's Tegra Zone is up and running, and available to download via the Android platform highlights the Android apps that make. In conjunction with the upcoming tablets powered by NVIDIA's Tegra 2 chip, the NVIDIA Tegra Zone app has been released on Android Market, showcasing. The vast majority of devices will feature NVidia Tegra 2 dual-core processors or similar To promote this, the NVidia Tegra Zone app has been launched on the .

NVIDIA's Tegra Zone app is undeniably the best way to find games specifically designed to take advantage of the Tegra 2.

Nvidia has announced that its Tegra Zone app will now be available in the Android Market for Tegra-powered phones and tablets. The app is said to be a one.

T-Mobile just unveiled its LG G2x super phone, a smartphone with good computing performance and an Nvidia Tegra Zone app that connects. What you're going to find in this app, (this app being NVIDIA Tegra Zone, this app being available right this moment in the Android Marketplace. NVIDIA's new site for Tegraoptimized games is now online at The new site, just as the Tegra Zone app that NVIDIA.

It's official folks, the LG G-Slate and the LG G2X are now part of T-Mobile and will both come pre-loaded with the new NVIDIA Tegra Zone app.

Can the Epic be made to look like it's an Atrix phone so we can download these enhanced versions of the Tegra Games. I don't see any reason. NVIDIA has rolled out the Tegra Zone app, a new way to take full advantage of Tegra 2 mobile super chips found in Android-based devices. Finding. Nvidia. Tegra. Zone. Games. Google's Play Store comes preinstalled and offers a wide variety of games of all types. For some tablets, however, certain .

With its new found mobile popularity in mind, NVIDIA have chosen to launch an app dedicated to its tiny powerhouse, the Tegra 2 chip, called Tegra Zone.

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