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Our platform predicts relevant information from any digital media

We are Flicksys

We believe there's so much more to movies and TV shows than we already know. Our technology aims at minimising a user's effort and predicts meaningful information one might be curious to know at the click of a button and thus eliminating any distractions.


Flico is our chrome extension which is the most efficient way to obtain useful information from any YouTube video.


Experience a unique way of obtaining knowledge with minimal effort and distraction from your video


Identify any landmark displayed in a YouTube video and explore the streets around, places nearby and a lot more.


Discover the meanings of new words you come across in the videos without any pauses and distractions.


Get details of the flights along with the hotels, shops and restaurants in the perimeter of the landmark


Check out what our alpha testers have to say.

“This is a must have product for those who are always looking for new information! Truly amazing concept.”


Pawan Shetty, Partner Wirecamp Interactive LLP

“Amazing concept, trying to solve a novel problem. Strongly recommend this one.”


Varun Mayya, CEOJobspire

Flico is great idea with immense potential, this app can change the way we travel & shop, most importantly its a full fledged team with all the required skill sets to build a successful app .I believe Flico will transition into a full fledged viable startup.”


Ratish Narayanan, Head of MarketingAngelhack


Building great services is all about solving problems and adapting to change

Word Prediction Module

Words used before a currently paused media will be scanned and their meanings will be displayed.

Landmark Detection Module

Paused media will be scanned to display the name of the landmark along with its street view, map view and summary.

Music Recognition Module

Any unknown song playing in the media will be scanned and the song name will be displayed just at the expense of a button click.

e-Commerce Module

Look up for any merchandize of your favourite Movies or TV Shows on our platform. This module is under construction so stay tuned.

The Team

Alone we can do so little, Together we can move mountains.



Co Founder

I have many hobbies, the best one being able to ignore all the deadlines in order to take a nap, whenever and wherever.




I've been told that I'm an ambivert, but I enjoy meaningful conversations with people. I code, I play, I live!




I think I can code. I can shoot. I can dive. I can flip. I can cook. I can heal. I can joke. I can lift. And I don't want to wake up.



CEO & Founder

Still figuring out the purpose of life. I'm a nonconformist, struggling musician who loves to follow his own rhythm.

Our Advisors


Dr. Arun Shanbhag

Harvard University

Dr. Arun is Professor at Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School


Mr. Radhesh Kanumury

IBM India

Radhesh leads the Global Entrepreneur Program for IBM India and South Asia.


Mr. Kartik Mandaville


Founder at SpringRole which is a machine learning based recruiting agency.

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